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Advance Inspection - Carpentry & joinery
  • Home inspection services
    A process that thoroughly inspect your properties and assess the conditions against industries quality standards and in compliance with BCA's CONQUAS guidelines.
  • Do I need one
    Upon collection of your new property, you may get over eager to start your renovation works and moving in right away. This is where everything starts to go wrong... Have you thoroughly investigated all aspect of details of the property? Or rather, without technical know-how of the works be able to tell if the workmanship is perfect? Defect liability period of a property is usually void upon commencement of renovation, and any subsequent defects found and raised might be disputed by the developer, the costs of repair may therefore be borne by you. Engaging a team of professional home inspectors is crucial, this will greatly reduce future hassles by identifying defects which are commonly overlooked by homeowners and possibly foreseeing latent defects which usually only occurs over time. Our pool of veteran inspector backed by vast experience in this industry, equipped with specialized tools, will ensure you obtained your rights as an owner.
  • When to engage
    You can engage us to have your property inspected upon key collection and activating your utility services. Prompt inspection and submission of the defective work claims will greatly minimize possibilities of disputes by the developer. Rest assured upon engagement of our services, we will be alongside you to assist and provide advise up till rectification works completion.
  • Choose Advance Inspection
    Peace of Mind Advance Inspection Pte. Ltd. is an independent home inspection service company backed by a team of verteran inspections with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We are committed to help you get a peace of mind by identify defective works and obtaining your rights as a property owner. Cost Savings Our team of veteran inspector are backed with vast experience, equipped with specialized tools, looking out for the finest and most unexpected defects including identifying possible latent defects. Expect to save thousands of dollars, if not more, in future repairs & maintenance costs where you would least expect. Satisfaction Expect a hassle-free experience with our Advance 3 Step Inspection Package. 1st Inspection: Identify defective works & report submission for client / developer. 2nd Inspection: Joint inspection appointment with client & developer on defective works. 3rd Inspection: Conduct a final inspection on developer rectification works. We provide full image reports for all our inspection packages which includes detailed description of individual defects raised. And if your developer uses a third-party report software such as NOVADE, we will also be incorporating & submitting the report with the system for you. This is what we believe in providing a hassle-free experience. Commitment . Passion . Trust That is the motto and believe which all our inspector stands by.
  • Cost savings
    Our team of veteran inspector are backed with vast experience, equipped with specialized tools, looking out for the finest and most unexpected defects including identifying possible latent defects. Getting prompt rectifications by your developer is the only way you can avoid spending unnecessary repair & maintenance costs in future. Repair fees of defective work can mount to thousands of dollars.
  • No time for supervision of the inspection process
    As we honored, this will be a hassle-free service. So long the property is accessible to us, you do not have to be around through-out the inspection process. Upon completion of our inspection, a detailed image report will be submitted to you. Letter of Authorization will be required for us to attend the inspections on-behalf, do check with our team and we will provide you with the necessary forms.
  • Available packages and prices
    Tailored packages are available and customized catering to your needs, click here to find out more.
  • Loyalty and referral rewards program
    Join our referral reward program and be rewarded. If you were our existing customer, simply refer a friend or neighbour to sign-up for our defect inspection service and be entitled to our reward bonus. It is our humble way of saying "Thank You". Terms & conditions apply, do contact us to check on your eligibility.
  • Ready to engage
    As soon as you are ready to engage, head over to our Service Request page to submit your request. Our team will get back to you within 1 working day for the confirmation of appointment.

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