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Our inspection team will thoroughly inspect your properties and assess the conditions of the following through the industries quality standards and also for compliance with BCA's guidelines, and if not found satisfactory, ensuring that developers are informed, and does the necessary rectification works.

Our specialists will guide you through the following process:

  • 1st Inspection: Identifying defective works & report submission to client and / or developer

  • 2nd Inspection: Joint inspection appointment with client & developer on defective works

  • 3rd Inspection: Conducting of final inspection on developer rectification works

* All our reports are image documented. Full set soft-copy report will be submitted to you.

** For development using NOVADE, defects submission will be via app too.

Defects inspection is precised and tedious work, we usually take 4-6 hours or even longer to complete it, but you don't have to be around throughout the entire process, our team will liaise with you so an arrangement could be derive for you keep up with your busy schedule.

Our defect assessments are base on the following major components:

Architectural Works - Floors | Walls | Ceilings | Carpentry and Joinery & etc...

M&E Works - Plumbing | Sanitary | Fitments | Electrical | Data Lines | Aircon & etc...

This service is tailored for - New developments, pre-otp, resale flats & pre/post-renovation

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Advance Inspection Pte Ltd - inspect your home for developer defects, ensure defect a free property.


Once you have collected your keys, you might be eager to start your renovation works right away and move in to the property you have been waiting for years. 

BUT WAIT... A crucial part is to get your property inspected and prompt submission of defects report to your developer prior to any form of renovation works. This will greatly reduce any disputes claims on the defects.

ONCE YOUR... utility account is activated, you may engage us for our first inspection trip. Upon completion of the inspection, a report will be generated to you. You may then use this report for submission to your developer and schedule us for our next joint inspection.

DO YOU KNOW... developer are obligated to complete all defective works within 1 month. Upon the developer's rectification on the defects, we'll then have a final joint inspection to reinspect the property again. 

NOW YOU CAN... with a peace of mind start your renovation works & move into your dream home.



1st Inspection

Identifying defective works & report submission to client and / or developer

2nd Inspection

Joint inspection with client & developer for briefing of defective works

3rd Inspection

Conducting of final inspection on developer rectification works


- All prices listed are NETT and comprises of 3 trips.

- Reports are image documented, soft-copy report will also be submitted to you.

- For developments using NOVADE, submission will be done on behalf of you.

Specially tailored for - New developments, pre-otp, resale flats & pre/post-renovation


Price Package for Executive Condominium & Private Condominium

Price Package for HDB Flats & Other Properties

Price List
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We understand the frustration to keep all the paperwork organised especially at a time whereby you have just collected your keys, and managing a stockpile of other important documents. Hence we are the first defects inspection company to offer a full and comprehensive image report to suit your needs.

STAY ORGANISED and never miss out a defect with our full image documentation report.

EVERY DEFECT is annotated and soft-copy report submitted to you for easy future references.


PROFESSIONAL & COMPREHENSIVE report which can be customized to aid in litigation cases.

STAY PROTECTED from possible future latent defects.


"Advance Inspection did a great job on my new bto defect checking, without Gabriel & Kelvin i wouldnt had spot so many defects in such a short time, i was amazed by their skills, not forgetting George & Joelson with the constant follow up too. I would definitely recommend to everyone to use their service. kudos to all the advance inspection team!! thank you.5 star service"

- Serene Lee

"The company did a great job to provide an excellent service. Even though I informed them with a short notice period only, they were able to accommodate and assist me in every way they could."

- Sylvester Quah

"Thanks Elton, Joelson and Lance for helping out with the defects inspection! It really took a lot of worries off my shoulders and the detailed reports were very useful to ensure all work was indeed completed. Thanks for the thoroughness in everything you did!"

- Duncan White

"This company who did a great job. Despite the short notice, they tried to accommodate my request. I would like to thank Advance Inspection team especially Lance, whom did the inspection for us. He is patient and meticulous in his work. After a thorough inspection, he compiled a detailed report of all major and minor defects. He also patiently explained and run through the defects with us. Thereafter he followed up with me on the next course of actions to get the defects done.
I will strongly recommend Advance Inspection to everyone whom need defect check."

- Ethan Chan

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