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Who is liable for my home defects?

Are you a soon-to-be private home owner? Perhaps it’s always been a dream to own a HDB; Condo or Landed Property. While it’s exciting to move into your new space, there are lots of nitty gritty details you’ll have to brave through before you can settle down in your new home. In fact, one of the most bothersome problems to run into along the way is having home defects in your new property. In cases like these, what should you do? Who’s liable for these defects, really?

These questions can give home owners a headache and are a total hassle to deal with. Here, we’ll discuss who’s liable to home defects and what your next course of action should be once they’re detected!

Know what’s in the Sale & Purchase Agreement you signed with your developer

According to the document, your developer is obligated to attend to defects within the Defects Liability Period. This period may differ but it’s usually 12 months. Developers need to fix defects in regards to materials, workmanship that doesn’t uphold the specifications of the unit.

When you’re writing to your developer, make sure you are specific about the defects in your home. This can aid in effective communication.

If your developer is willing to rectify home defects, make sure you carry out your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure that the process runs smoothly! You’ll need to fix an appointment with the developer to ensure repairs are carried out and acknowledge when repairs have been completed.

What if the developer doesn’t attend to the defects?

If your developer hasn’t gotten back to you or rectified defects within a month, you’ll need to give developers a Notice of Intent which states his intention to proceed with rectification and the estimated cost. When developers receive this notice, they will have 14 days to attend and rectify these defects. However, if there is still no action from the developer after 14 days, homeowners can go ahead and rectify any defects their unit is suffering from.

Note that the Notice of Intent is not the same as the first written report you’re sending to your developer. The notice should only be sent if no action has been taken on your developer’s part. When you’ve done the rectification on your own, you can make a claim with your developer.

What if the developer disputes with my request?

At Advance Inspection, all our staff are accredited and trained professionals. We carry out our inspection works in accordance with BCA Conquas guidelines; these standards are regulated and given our wide range of experience, the developers are less likely to dispute these claims. Our reports are also widely accepted by lawyers on litigation matters.

The conclusion!

Rectifying home defects can be a hassle, especially in private homes. However, once you know the appropriate measures to take, the process can run smoothly and possibly, be quite painless!

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