September 26, 2019

Are you a soon-to-be private home owner? Perhaps it’s always been a dream to own a HDB; Condo or Landed Property. While it’s exciting to move into your new space, there are lots of nitty gritty details you’ll have to brave through before you can settle down in your new...

September 17, 2019

Getting your home inspected by a professional has become more common recently and for good reason. Cases of tile “explosion” in Singapore have caused soon-to-be homeowners be more cautious. 

If you’re thinking of getting a landed property, having a professional ins...

September 1, 2019

Moving into your new home is both exciting and, frankly, quite the hassle. From interior designing to picking out the right furniture, getting home insurance and inspecting your new place, there’s a long list to get through before you can finally move in. 

To make the p...

July 26, 2019

Are you buying a new home or new property soon? If so, having your house inspected is going to be one of your priorities. According to this article, demand for home inspection has been on the rise in Singapore. These days, home owners are now increasingly aware of the...

July 19, 2019

Whether you’re buying a property for investment or for your own stay, being able to identify early signs of home defects is important. Many a time, homeowners take for granted that there’s nothing wrong with their homes because it doesn’t “seem” like anything is wrong....

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