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The defect inspection process & DIY tips

Have you collected your flat keys recently or soon to be a new home owner! If so, you need to read this article.

Defects inspection to your new flat / property may sound easy to most people until they put their hands-on and do it themselves, and base on recent studies, 86% of people who bought their flat agree that it is essential to check for defects however only 14% conceded to have done so.

There are many aspect & terms of defects being cosmetic defects / integrity defects / latent defects and the list goes on and on... Some cosmetic defects which you may think of as defect are not even "labelled" as one in the BCA guidelines. Let's put an example to it, do you know that are specific tolerances to floor tiles levelness before they are label as defects? Your developer may not hack & replace the tiles for you if they are within the guidelines.

There are also instances latent defects such as water damage to material which are not visible to the untrained eyes. These are the defects that would usually cause problem in later stages after you move into your flats, and solving them would really be a big hassle & inconvenience to you. Molds can start appearing, materials will start to deform and or even in worst case start to rot, and most importantly rectifying them means getting a big hole in your pocket.

So what to look out for you may ask, below are some general tips / checks we recommend you should look out for while you're checking on your own:

Flooring - Floor levelness / tiles discolorations / cracks or chipped tiles / hollowness in tiles / tiles joints & etc...

Walls & Ceilings - Levelness / Paint finishes / Brush marks & etc...

Doors & Windows - Smoothness during operation including ironmongery / scratches & dents / varnishing coats / glass finishing / rust free / screws secured & etc...

Carpentry & Joinery - Varnishing coats / termination joints / integrity of installations / alignments / smoothness during operation / chipped & damaged edges & etc...

Electrical - Switches & Power sockets alignment & operations

Note: We strongly recommend that you do not check the physical connections & wiring works if you are not technically trained to do so. While working with electrical works, ensure that your power supplies are turned-off.

Plumbing & Sanitary - Check for chipped or cracks WC & Sinks / Leakage around joints / Water flow consistency & etc...

So above are just a few of the defect check list you as a home owner can do on your own, and of course this list is not exhaustive. In our professional checks we have more than 100 check-points including checking of your conceal data wiring works & specialized wired-cams to look into your floor traps & etc... Here are some of the images of our inspectors are working tirelessly, not just to identify the defects, but also identify your rights during the DLP for your properties.

Always remember, if you would like to seek professional assistance for defect inspection in your property, do call / whatsapp us for a non-obligation quote at +65 8748 0988

Alternatively, you may also send in your queries or book using our e-appointment form here

Dream homes are possible! Do follow us on our FACEBOOK PAGE for more updates on our inspection checks and other information on new developments.


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