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Ever thought about checking for defects in your home by yourself? Fret not, we are here to give you some tips.

Skirting plays a big part aesthetically for your home, however it is important that you take a look if there are gaps between the floor and skirting. Take a look at the above picture, this is one of the most common defect found by our team. Frequently ask by homeowner, "How will this affect me?" or "How will they rectify it?".

This may seem like an unimportant defect especially when you have not moved in but because of this tiny gap, insects want/can be part of your home. Just imagining them not paying for rent or trespassing your home, would you want that?

Though we may not be the best to say how they should rectify this, but one of the common solution used is by applying silicon to seal up the gaps.

Beyond looking at bottom of skirting, try looking for gaps especially at corners your home, be it fixtures or ceiling, you're bound to find some that will need some touching up.

Here's something that's easy to spot, water damage / poor termination. Look for places especially on your flooring, at the entrance or edges of wood flooring. We found this at the entrance of the bathroom while inspecting, such work is unacceptable and they are liable to rectify the defects for you.

The unevenness between adjacent tiles or stones should not be more than 0.5mm and with not sharp edges detected for ceramic, marble and granite finishes. For timber flooring, there should be no uneven level between adjacent strips while walking barefoot. A difference of 3mm is acceptable for a length of 1.2metres.

Next up, upon receiving the keys to your home, apply for your water, electricity and gas supply. Turn on your water supply, check if the fitments are properly secured and observe if there are any water seepage.

There's only so much information on common defects that we're able to guide you through as most of the defects require professional eye for detail, special equipment /tools & tons of experience to spot them. If you need professional assistance for defects check, we're glad to inform you that we're giving away Free $50 Ikea cash voucher for all new inspection package sign-ups.

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Advance Inspection is an independent company with the sole aim to resolve the defect issues you face within your properties. With our assistance, we guarantee the smooth sailing of you moving into your new home. We know some developers are pushing back some matters and here's where we can step in to help you identify your RIGHTS as a home owner.

Should you need professional assistance for home defects inspection services, do call or Whatsapp us for a non-obligation quote at +65 8748 0988.

Alternatively, you may also send in your queries or book using our e-appointment form here

Dream homes are possible! Do follow us on our FACEBOOK PAGE for more updates on our inspection checks and other information on new developments.

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