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How Advance Inspection Makes Sure Your Home Is Defects Free

Home inspection is important for all homeowners and it’s definitely not a step you should skip. Whether you’re renting out your flat or whether you’re a new first-hand owner, getting your space checked can save you from lots of problems in the future. In the first half of January 2018 alone, about 700 cases of popping floor tiles were reported - imagine the hassle these owners had to go through!

[Common Home Defects To Look Out For]

Home defects are more common than you might think. Hollow tiles, water leakages, cracked or slanted walls, and faulty electrical sockets are some defects many homeowners need to deal with.

*Hollow Tiles*

Hollow tiles and uneven floors are usually the result of an installation problem. If you notice your tiles are uneven and hollow, you’ll need to get it fixed immediately. With changing temperatures throughout the year, the problem can worsen as tiles expand and contract.

*Cracked or Slanted Walls*

This problem can be harder to detect on your own, especially when you’ve just bought the house. However, as it wears on, it’ll become an eyesore and can even be extremely problematic if you have cracked walls in the bathroom. If you don’t fix the problem, chances are, your home will suffer from water leakages.

*Water Leakages*

Leakages can be caused by cracked walls or poor application of water-proofing membranes. Tenants below you may also counter claim you for leakage damages.

*Faulty Electrical Sockets*

If sockets wiring is wrongly connected, it can lead to high risk of electrocution. Electrical appliances may also get damaged due to sockets wrong connections.

[Approaching Experienced Inspectors To Spot Defects Early]

Having an expert access your home early on can help you prevent these problems in your property as a trained eye can often spot defects that the average person can’t detect. From electrical works inspections to water proofing inspections, it’s essential to contact a specialist to give your home a thorough survey.

Advance Inspection not only inspects your home for defects, we also give homeowners a proposed report and suggest remedies for the defects their homes are facing. Having your home inspected is just the first step. Getting experienced recommendations and a range of solutions to solve these problems are equally important.

At Advance Inspection, you can choose from a range of services. Whether you’re a new home-owner or you’re sub-letting your property, experienced home inspectors can give you solutions and recommendations based on your needs.

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