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The benefits of engaging a home defect inspector

Collected your new flat keys and all ready to start your interior works?

HOLD ON, take a few minutes to read this post and save yourself future hassle which you might face.

DO YOU KNOW, once you start any form of renovations in your flat, the developer will be cleared off their defects liability a.k.a DLP.

YOU MAY THINK, "Aiya, don't need to hire la. We check ourselves can already." or "My renovation contractor say they will help me check leh." Now that's where everything starts going wrong...

Here's what you need to know!

Once any form of construction work is done in your flat, the developer is cleared off the liabilities to rectify defects. They have the rights to presume that any subsequent defects raised by you were not present upon handing over of the unit, or rather argue that it may be caused by either the occupant and/or your ID contractors. These claims leads to dispute & can be at times near impossible to justify.

Defects checklist are common and easily obtainable online these days, however it is not exhaustive. Without proper knowledge and experience, it is a challenge to identify these defects. It will then be inevitable to have the majority of the defects left out, and it will cause a big hole in your pocket subsequently.

In recent years, it's also becoming a trend whereby your ID firms offer to provide free defects check services. Sounds good and lucrative for sure, however, most of your "Design Consultant" have limited technical experience and regulatory knowledge on defective works. They may also be in an unfavorable position to insist on rectification works with your developer since they still have to carry out your interior works and will be obligated to be in liaison with them during the entire fit-out process.

Let's see some commonly found defects & est. repair cost:

[Wall and ceiling cracks - $250++]

[Peeling of paint - $250++]

[Burst pipe - $550++]

[Water seepage - $1000++]

[Choked Pipes - $150++]

[Shattered Glass - $300++]

[Electrical Issues - $150++]

[Popping Tiles - $1000++]

[Timber Flooring Repairs - $500++]

[Pest Issues Due To Unsealed Gaps - $450++]


In Singapore, it's comforting & assuring to know that most building developers have a few rounds of joint inspection together with HDB's and/or the relevant government authorities for the building inspection test prior to the issuance of a Temporary-Occupation-Permit and eventually the handover of units to the residences. These checks however, includes the inspections of structures, amenities, carparks, void decks, roof gardens & etc... as such a very thorough & detailed check within each of the resident's unit is almost impossible.

It's always recommended to engage a professional and have your house inspected once you've collected your keys; turned on your utility services and right before you commence your renovation works. This will greatly minimize any chances of dispute with the developer on the defective works claim.

We step in to help you identify your RIGHTS as a home owner!

At Advance Inspection, we act as an independent neutral party to thoroughly inspect your properties and assess the conditions of the following through the industries quality standards and also for compliance with BCA's guidelines, and if not found satisfactory, ensuring that developers are informed, and does the necessary rectification works

We aim to resolve the defect issues you face within your properties. Coupled with our assistance, the journey of moving into your new home will be a smooth sailing one.

Defects can affect the your quality of life, a defect free home is possible!

Seek professional assistance & guide, give us a call/whatsapp at +65 8748 0988.

Alternatively, you may also send in your queries or book for your appointment using our e-appointment form here

Read more about our INSPECTION SERVICES or follow us on our FACEBOOK PAGE for more updates.


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