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Facing These Issues?

  • Unidentified damages caused by current tenants?

  • Disputes on rental refunds upon fulfillment of tenancy period?

  • Unnecessary mid-tenancy repair fees caused by unknown factors?

  • Unauthorized modification works to your premises done without your knowledge? 

  • Unsure on how to generate a complete list of inventory list for proper handover to tenant?


Inventory Assessment & Survey Reports For Sub-letting Premises


A sub-letting survey report is of excellent value to the landlord or the agent. We will perform a precise assessment of the property taking into consideration its condition and jotting any repair or maintenance issues that the tenant may have. This enables you to keep track of your property or home and guarantee that no nasty surprises arise. This report is very crucial and important if you have high valued contents in your residential property or if a landlords lives abroad.

Who Requires This Service?

Property Agents

We value add your services, thus allowing you to stand out from your competition.


Residential Properties Owner

Ranging from HDB, EC, Private Condos, Landed Properties & etc...

Commercial Properties Owner

Ranging from building developments, inter tenancy units, shop-houses, offices & etc...

Assessment Of Premises

Assessment by our professionals on the current condition of:

- Architectural, Carpentry & Joinery, Electrical, Plumbing, Air-Con & other MEP Services

- Inventory counts of furniture, fixtures, appliances & etc...


Our professional team of inspectors will provide a walk-through and debrief on identified defects and advise on proper course of follow-up, possible causes or potential effects, maintenance matters & other guides.

Inventory Report

Generation of images report including defective areas, inventory count, assessment report & etc...

(All reports are image documented and serves as a undisputed reference upon fulfillment of lease)

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