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Quick and Easy Tips For Finding The Best Home Inspector

Are you buying a new home or new property soon? If so, having your house inspected is going to be one of your priorities. According to this article, demand for home inspection has been on the rise in Singapore. These days, home owners are now increasingly aware of the importance of getting a professional home inspector to ensure that their home is defects free.

So how do you know if your inspector is the real deal? Here, we’ll give you some easy tips on choosing the right home inspector.

Find out what others are saying

The first and easiest way to go about looking for a good home inspector is to find out what others are saying. There are a number of home inspection companies in Singapore and it’s important for you to discern which one is the best for you. Besides getting recommendations from friends, you should also visit the inspection company’s Facebook page to read up reviews given by other satisfied customers. It’s always good to read up on a range of reviews before deciding so that you know how the service you’ll be getting is consistent.

Clear, easy to understand home inspection reports

One of the challenges home owners face is the lack of knowledge in regards to home defects. Although most home inspectors give owners a written report on the condition of their homes and its defects, these reports may be difficult to understand. As a result, when owners contact renovators to step in, they may have difficulties in conveying what they expect to be fixed in their home.

Having a clear, easy-to-understand report is vital. Before signing the contract with your home inspector, make sure you ask them about the kind of reports they’ll hand over to you. Will pictures be provided? Will it be clearly explained? Or will it simply be a written report?

At Advance Inspection, we believe that having clear reports with pictures is essential. To learn more about our image reports, feel free to contact us.

Avoid those who give free inspection services

Some interior design houses offer free home inspection services as part of their interior design package. However, if you’re serious about getting a professional to inspect your home, you should avoid these free services. It’s better to find someone else to step in and give you home a thorough look over so that there won’t be any conflict of interest when you work with your interior designer.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

There’s never such a thing as a silly question! Whenever you’re in doubt or are unsure of anything, be sure to speak up and ask your home inspector. A professional home inspector who is serious about providing the best service for you would take the time to hear you out and answer any of your doubts patiently. The manner in which your home inspector responds to your questions is also a telltale sign of whether he is the best home inspector for you.

Finding the right home inspector may be tricky especially if it’s your first time engaging a professional. However, through looking at reviews, doing some research, and finding out more about the kinds of service different home inspectors provide will help you decide which home inspector to engage.

For more information about home inspection, feel free to call/whatsapp us at 87480988 or send in your queries here.


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